This privacy policy explains how Zeta Enterprise Pvt Ltd collects, uses, processes, discloses, and protects the personal information of individuals(users) when they visit our website or when they utilize our IT service(s). We are fully committed to protecting your personal information under applicable data protection laws and regulations and respecting the confidentiality and privacy of personal information.

You are requested to read the following privacy policy thoroughly as by accessing and utilizing our IT services, you show your consent to data collection and processing as described in this policy.

What Personal Information Do We Collect? 

We may collect the following types of information when you engage our website:

  1. Contact information that includes your name, email address, phone number, and home address.
  2. Billing information that includes credit card number, expiry date, and billing address.
  3. Account information that includes but is not limited to username, password, preferences, etc.
  4. Service information such as your requirements, feedback, reviews, and specifications, among others.
  5. Technical information that includes IP address, browser type, device type, operating systems, and cookies.
  6. And finally, we may collect usage information such as your browsing history, search queries, page views, and interactions with other pages or websites.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information:

We may use your information for the following objectives:

  1. To design and provide you with our IT services and deliverables following your preferences and expectations;
  2. To communicate with you about accounts, orders, purchases, delivery status of shipped products, and more;
  3. To customize our content and service portfolio on our website because of your expectations, interaction, and engagement;
  4. To strengthen the performance and improve the quality of our website and add new features, functionalities, and capabilities;
  5. To judge, analyze and compare the performance of our website and IT services for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns;
  6. To limit the possibility of fraud, security breaches, and enforce the terms and conditions and protect our rights;
  7. To show compliance with any legal obligation, court order, or litigation;

Information Sharing and Disclosure: 

We may share your personal information with the following third-party source only on a need-to-need basis.

  1. With our affiliates and subsidiaries so that you can be provided with our IT service or IT-enabled services as well as your contractual obligations can be delivered;
  2. With service providers, vendors, contractors, or any third-party source who work on our behalf in marketing, payment processing, data storage, customer service, and other areas;
  3. With our professional advisors, auditors, and insurers who provide us with legal, accounting, financial, insurance, and other services;

Data Security: 

We have put in place appropriate and sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect user information from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. We have also made technical and organizational arrangements and safeguards to protect user information against accidental or unlawful theft, use, damage, or compromise. Some of these measures include access controls, firewalls, encryption, backup, audit, and training. Furthermore, we regularly monitor and update security measures to beef up our defense. But no method and no technology can guarantee that transmission on the internet or data storage is 100% protected, we do deploy efforts and resources to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee the absolute security of user information.

If you suspect any security breach or find something mysterious and abnormal, please contact us immediately to further reinforce the security measures against data loss or theft.

User Rights: 

Subject to relevant and applicable law, you have the right to access, update, correct, and delete personal information held by us. You may have the right to restrict some of the processing activities. To exercise any of these user rights, contact us. We can ask you to provide proof of your identity and other relevant information before processing your request under applicable User Rights laws and regulations.

Policy Updates: 

We do hold the right to update this privacy policy document to accommodate legal requirements and other matters. The users would be notified if we make any major and substantial changes to this policy through a prominent notice on our website.